Brownie PointsEAT - DRINK - REDEEM - REPEAT!
Anouncing Brownie Points - our reward program for Brownie's loyal customers! Its FREE to sign up

1. Join the Brownie Point rewards program - FREE!
Just ask your server or bartender to sign you up.

2. Eat, drink & rack up points!
Simply give your server or bartender your card every time you make a purchase (or close out your tab), and they will add it to your points total. One dollar = 1 Brownie Point.

3. Redeem
As you hit each reward level, you will recieve a printout coupon that you can bring back with you for your free food on your next visit.. Gift cards will be awarded once you hit the third or fourth reward level. Your pionts continue to accumulate through each reward level.

4. Repeat
Once you reach the fourth reward level, your point balance will reset and on your next visit, you can start earning rewards again!

100 points = Free Appetizer (sampler not included)
200 points = Free Sandwich, Burger or Melt
500 points = $25 Gift Card
1000 points = $50 Gift Card

Prizes and reward levels are subject to change at any time. Gift cards and reward points are not redeemable for cash.

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